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dancer, singer, actor, choreographer.


Currently: Onstage Swing on the 2nd national tour of My Fair Lady

Recently: Inaugural cast of 'Tales from Margaritaville' on the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise

Zoey is a New York based actor, singer, and dancer. She holds a B.F.A. in dance from SJSU and graduated from Broadway Dance Center's Professional Semester. She is a sprightly, willowy dancer from the beaches of California with a contemporary soprano voice and a silky belt. 

"Zoey Lytle...shows great promise as a musical theater performer, with a limpid, loving tone that can swell to volcanic power yet maintain its might in a whisper. She can hold a moment with a fierce grip yet honor its fragility at the same time" Lily Janiak for DateBook.

"Zoey Lytle brings the most accomplished, most impressive vocals to the evening’s stage (among many otherwise fine and fully acceptable ones), wowing the audience later in the story especially with a range from whisper-clear softness to emotion-packed, full-voiced swells” Eddie Reynolds for TheatreEddys

"This is a stereotypical role, but one that becomes honestly touching in Zoey Lytle’s open-hearted portrayal." Sam Hurwitt for The Mercury News.

"Zoey Lytle is an elegant dancer" Vince Media for VMedia Arts.


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TikTok: @zoeylytle

Instagram: @zoeylytle

Ann Steele Agency

(212) 629-9112 

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